The Traveling Song

by Robin Graves

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Preview of my upcoming orchestral album.


I am a gypsy, I am a gypsy
Nobody gets me, nobody gets me
I am a gypsy, I am a gypsy
No one knows me
'Cause I am a gypsy

I live to see the water flowing
from the shining river to the silver ocean
I'm still searching for
something to know
beyond the sky above me
or the earth below me


From the snowy mountaintops
and through the forest
'Cross the burning desert
I must follow my bliss
I guess that I'm still hoping for
someone to hold me
but my nature's telling me
I must be going

No one to touch me
No one to miss me
No one to crush me
No one to lift me


released May 25, 2015




Robin Graves Phoenix, Arizona

Robin Graves builds complex layers of melodies, harmonies, and tones using guitar, eBow, vocals, digital drums, toy piano, and found sounds. If you are familiar with the soundscapes of Robert Fripp or David Torn, you'll find some common ground here.

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